The 3 Best Laptops Under Rs. 20000 in India





Acer Aspire 3 A315-31 Laptop


HP 15Q-BU009TU Laptop


Dell Inspiron 15 3552 Laptop


Are you looking for a laptop that is really cheap, yet reliable? You will be surprised to know that there are plenty of extremely affordable notebook computers available for purchase in India, from a variety of brands. However, not all of these are reliable and even fewer are capable of handling even the most mundane of daily tasks such as web browsing or HD movies.

 Worry not, we did all the hard work so that you don’t have to pull your hair out in frustration as you browse through pages upon pages of similarly priced laptops that all seem to offer the exact same hardware under different names. And here is the result of our research- a list of the three best laptops that you can buy in India for under 20,000 rupees.


It is just 21.6mm thick, and weighs a shade over 2 kilos. Which makes this one of the most portable 15.6” notebooks you can buy in India, without burning a hole in your wallet. The brushed metal finish and textured lid help this laptop look more expensive than it actually is, and a quad-core Pentium CPU powers it through most daily tasks with relative ease. 

      What we liked about this:

  • It is decently powerful- With a budget of 20,000 rupees, this is one of the fastest notebooks you can buy. A quad core Pentium CPU powers it, whereas most of the competition is still using older generation AMD dual-core APUs or dual-core Pentiums. The Intel HD 505 integrated graphics unit is far superior to the iGPUs found in older generation Pentium dual core processors.   
  • The display is not terrible- Usually, when you purchase a laptop this cheap, it comes with either a tiny display that is decent, or a larger display that is bad. Somehow, Acer managed to fit a 15.6” screen on this laptop without totally messing up the viewing angles and brightness. We highly recommend the Aspire 3 A315-31 if you are looking for a full-sized budget notebook but do not want to pay a steep price.  
  • The keyboard- While we are not a fan of the arrow key design, and think that the power button looks silly, the typing experience feels surprisingly good. Keys are light to press, and feel somewhat tactile despite this being one of the cheapest looking keyboards we have seen on any laptop.  
  • It looks and feels premium- The textured lid, flared top-end, and brushed metal finish make this laptop look twice as expensive as it actually is. When you walk around with this super lightweight notebook in your hands, you will look good. Since it is made from rather high quality plastic, a couple of drops should do no harm to the body. 

       What we don't like:

  • No Windows- While many software engineers and college students tend to use Linux, we believe the majority of people purchasing this Acer laptop would like to have Windows on it, either as a primary or secondary boot option.    
  • No Optical Disk Drive- A DVD R/W drive would have further added to the I/O options that you get on this laptop, but we do not want to complain much since it is equipped with 802.11 ac WIFI.  


It is equipped with a quad-core Pentium CPU, similar to the Acer Aspire 3 that we reviewed earlier. However, the chip inside this laptop has a higher base clock, and a slightly faster boost speed, which means that your programs will open faster, and you can switch between applications more seamlessly.

 The actual perceivable difference in speed between the Aspire 3 and this HP notebook is very little, and you will seldom be able to notice the performance gap in daily tasks.

      What we liked about this:

  • Lots of I/O- you get a 8x DVD drive, 802.11 b/g/n WIFI, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth V4.0, a webcam, HDMI v1.4b output, 3-in-1 card reader, and USB 3.0, all inside a laptop that costs under 20k rupees. Isn’t that amazing?  
  • Actually good battery life- Unlike most laptops in this price range, the HP 15Q-BU009TU is loaded with a 4-cell Lithium Ion battery which enables the extremely power efficient Intel Pentium N3710 processor to run for a long time, even when it is under full load. Average runtime of this laptop is between 5 to 7 hours, depending on what you are doing with it. 
  • Decent audio- The stereo speaker setup in this laptop is not something you would want to use while watching your favorite movie, but is good enough for casually browsing through the web or sharing content with friends. 
  • Fast charge support- Not something we expected to see at this price range, it allows you to charge your laptop from zero to full in less than 2 hours.   

       What we don't like:

  • No ac WIFI- Modern laptops are equipped with 802.11 ac wireless LAN, but we guess HP had to keep the price low somehow; after all they are giving us great battery life and a DVD writer, both of which are lacking in the Aspire 3 notebook from Acer. 
  • DOS- Windows is what most of you will install on this machine, and it supports all versions (including 7, 8, and 10). 

3. Dell Inspiron 15 3552 Laptop


It looks boring, there is no DVD drive, and the HDD capacity is just 500 GB. However, you are also getting an excellent keyboard, a light body, and a relatively good display. Meet the Dell Inspiron 15 series model 3552- unexceptional in every way imaginable, yet it somehow ticks all the right boxes in our checklist of attributes for budget laptops.

      What we liked about this:

  • Lightweight- It is almost as thin as the Aspire 3, and weighs the same- 2.1 kilos.  
  •  Good battery life- Unlike the Acer Aspire 3, this one has a larger battery. Couple that with the slightly faster CPU and you get a laptop, which performs better while also running longer. 
  • Decent display- Yes, it is a backlit TFT LCD panel just like all the other low-budget notebooks, but this one seems to have better color reproduction in certain scenarios compared to its HP and Acer counterparts. 
  • Well built- Despite the fact that it feels as if the laptop is made from cheap materials, it is actually quite rigid and is designed to sustain a couple of hard knocks to the sides. The display lid feels slightly flimsy, which is the only complaint we have about the body of this laptop.

       What we don't like:

  • Comes with Ubuntu OS- Unless you prefer to use Ubuntu all the time, you might want to acquire a copy of Windows 10 (it also supports 7 and 8). 

  • No DVD drive or ac WIFI- This is a bit of a bummer, and forces us to rank the Dell 3552 beneath the Aspire 3 and HP in terms of connectivity and I/O.

And The Winner Is

The Acer Aspire 3 takes the title of best overall laptop that you can buy for less than 20,000 INR. It boasts the best wireless connectivity, has the best looks, and it is the slimmest laptop of all three. Yes, it lacks a DVD drive, but makes up for that deficit with its great keyboard and excellent design.  


Contrary to what some people might think, selecting a low budget laptop can often times be harder than choosing a mid-range or premium model. The reason for this is simple- when you are looking for products in such a narrow price band, it is inevitable that you will often times run into situations where you find yourself confused between two or three models from multiple manufacturers that seem to offer the exact same hardware on the inside.

However, there are subtle differences in terms of build quality, display type, keyboard, battery design, etc. that the average consumer will not be able to find, which is why we made this article. Not only do we tell you which three laptops to buy under 20,000 rupees, but we also mention the pros and cons of each model on the list.

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